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Focus On The Actual Points That Can Improve Your Game With Our Golf Fitness Program Here in Highland Park

Bystol Performance Center has paired with Rick Silva and Movement 3 to develop one of the most comprehensive golf training programs that there is today. By combining both of our styles together, we have formatted a powerful program.

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Golf Fitness near Highland Park

Address The REAL Points

Most casual golfers who experience pain, or even just have a few bad games, assume there’s something wrong with their swing. But while poor swing mechanics could be the cause, it’s likely a combination of swing mechanics, weakness, and inflexibility.

Golf is ballistic sport. It’s also one-sided: Players swing 75 to 100 times from one side of the body, which can often create muscle imbalances and overuse injuries. Just like every other sport the key to a better game is not always more time on the links but a better off-the-course golf training program that incorporate flexibility, mobility, and strength to execute a proper swing.

Our assessments diagnose physical limitations and prescribe personalized golf fitness strength and mobility exercises. Throughout your assessment we will look for specific bio-mechanical movement patterns that have been linked to a poor golf swing such as:

  • The inability to separate the upper and lower body
  • Poor core stability
  • Lack of shoulder and hip flexibility, mobility, and/or stability
  • Lack of thoracic spine mobility
  • Lack of glute and/or abdominal strength
  • Wrist flexibility

Bystol Performance Center's golf training program will specifically target the muscles you use on the course while recreating the way you use them. You will improve your dynamic flexibility, which is necessary for more range in your swing. You’ll build greater acceleration and force—and prevent early deceleration—of your club head, which can improve the distance of your drives. And you’ll build a more stable base, which helps you control your swing and leads to better consistency.

At the same time we will be focusing on structural balance which will allow you to golf year round without those nagging pains and injuries that commonly come up. Call or email our team anytime. We’re happy to answer your questions and help you find the best solution to reach your playing goals.

Golf Training near Highland Park

The 4 Pillars of Golf Strength

  1. Balance - Improving awareness of balance and the ability to maintain it throughout the golf swing is fundamental to keep a solid connection to the ground.
  2. Stability - When you think stability, think control. By improving golf-specific functional strength, the body has more control during the golf swing.
  3. Power - Learning to load, or store, maximum energy, then sequentially release it through impact with maximum efficiency means maximum power.
  4. Velocity - Velocity is defined as the rate of speed in a specific direction. Distance is directly proportional to the velocity of the club head through impact.

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