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Bystol Performance Center (BPC) is recognized as one of the top sports performance training centers in the Midwest. For over 25 years, BPC has provided the highest level of performance enhancement protocols for Olympic, professional, collegiate, high school and young athletes . Our state-of-the-art 25,000 sq. ft. performance center matched with our experienced coaches makes BPC your number one choice in athletic preparation.

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Individualized Sports Performance Training Programs

Bystol Performance Center has been training Olympic, professional, collegiate, and high school athletes for over 25 years. Our experience has taught us that in order for an athlete to excel in sports and to minimize the risk of injury, it is critical to identify any compensation patterns an athlete has developed from their sport, as well as any structural, mechanical, and muscular imbalances that athlete may have.

Identifying these imbalances is the key to unlocking an athlete's full genetic athletic potential, while significantly decreasing the odds of a sports-related injury. Bystol Performance Center has developed one of the most advanced screenings for athletes to identify any muscle weaknesses and compensation patterns that increase the risk of injury and decrease performance, speed, power, strength, and flexibility.

Sports Performance Training: Better Training Makes Better Athletes

Bystol Performance Center is for athletes who are serious about improving their strength, agility / mobility, speed, and conditioning in order to dominate their competition and excel in their sport. As athletes ourselves, we know what it takes to increase athletic performance. Our philosophy for sports performance training is to build an athletic foundation from the ground up by increasing speed, strength, explosive power, stamina and flexibility.

Our focus will be on athletic structural balance and knowing the INDIVIDUAL needs of each of our athletes. With over 25 years experience in program design, athletic development and proven RESULTS you can be sure that BPC is the place for you.

Specific Sports Performance Training Programs:

Sports Performance Training near Highland ParkSpeed, power, strength and acceleration win hockey games. Top level teams recruit offensive players that can get to the puck first, accelerate away from defenders and shoot the hardest with pin-point accuracy. Defensive players must have powerful lateral movement, hit hard and have the ability to clear the net. BPC hockey strength and conditioning program is designed to dramatically improve every aspect of your hockey game by increasing flexibility, speed, strength and power.

Through experience, research and results, Bystol Performance Ccenter has developed one of the most successful hockey strength and conditioning programs in the Country. Athletes will learn how to properly perform variations of weight room, plyometric and speed exercises specifically designed to improve on ice performance. BPC athletes will also be exposed to dozens of our grueling Functional Hockey Training (FHT) exercises. These exercises have shown to develop unparalleled strength, speed and power by forcing the body to transfer the strength gained in the weight room directly to the ice.

With over three decades of experience combined with our unique speed and strength training program you will become faster, stronger, and a more dominant player. These are just a few of the benefits:
  • Increased functional strength
  • Linear, lateral, & change of direction speed enhancement
  • Develop explosive shooting power
  • Increased flexibility
  • Correct muscle imbalances and decrease risk of injury
  • Gain 15-25 lbs. of muscle to make yourself more resilient on the ice
  • Nutrition program for increased energy / enhanced muscle growth
  • Faster Recovery
Sports Performance Training near Highland ParkBystol Performance Center provides you with the best coaches and minds in sport performance. We assess each individual athlete to tailor the most optimal program for their needs and goals. We do not just make our athletes stronger or faster, we make them better and safer athletes. Highlights in our program are emphasized on rotational power development, reactive training, and injury prevention (shoulder, rotator cuff, lower back, hips, knees, etc.).

Baseball and Softball Program Benefits:
  • Increase Functional Strength
  • Develop explosive rotational power
  • Increase lateral and linear directional speed
  • Bulletproof your rotator cuff and shoulder joint
  • Nutrition program for increased energy and muscle recovery
  • Develop quicker reaction time and hand-eye coordination
Sports Performance Training near Highland Park
Football Program Benefits:
  • Dramatic increase in strength and power
  • Running mechanics and combined testing
  • Increase lateral and linear directional speed
  • Develop functional strength for specific position play
  • Nutrition program for increased energy and muscle recovery
  • Gain 10-20lbs of lean muscle mass and decrease body fat percentage
  • Injury prevention exercises and mobility (shoulders, back, hips, knees, and ankles)
Sports Performance Training near Highland Park
"Mike and his BPC staff is the best thing that’s happened to my career. Not only have they improved my strength and overall health, they have also has rehabbed and kept me on the field during the season. I wouldn’t trust anyone else in the business but Mike and his staff. Their knowledge and expertise will keep you in the game." -Jeff King – Arizona Cardinals, 11-year veteran
Sports Performance Training near Highland Park
Lacrosse / Soccer Program Benefits:
  • Increased functional strength
  • Develop strenth endurance
  • Increase lateral and linear directional speed and agility
  • Injury prevention and mobility (knee, hip, ankle, and thorasic spine)
  • Nutrition program for increased energy and muscle recovery
Our Approach to Soccer and Lacrosse

Soccer and lacrosse are centered around running. A player needs both linear and lateral speed as well as endurance. The stronger the athlete is, the faster the athlete is. Our unique program includes instruction in movement training, injury reduction and rehabilitation, linear and lateral speed techniques, foot speed and agility, explosive power development, proper functional strength training and energy system conditioning. It's this combination, including the athlete's time spent on the field practicing sport specific skills, that will construct outstanding soccer and lacrosse players.

General Outline of the Program
  • Day 1 - Movement prep, High CNS, Testing vertical plyos, Max velocity sprints, Quad dominant lift
  • Day 2 - Barefoot prep, Low CNS, Extensive tempo, Conditioning
  • Day 3 - Movement prep, High CNS, Lateral plyos, Acceleration, Upper body lift
  • Day 4 - Barefoot prep, Low CNS, Aerobic grid runs
  • Day 5 - Movement prep, High CNS, Horizontal plyos, Max veolicty sprints, Hamstring dominant lift
  • Day 6 - Barefoot prep, Extensive intervals

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