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At Bystol Performance Center, we want to help you live well and move smoothly. Our team of sports rehabilitation and recovery experts use various modalities, either independently or in combination, to diagnose and address injuries, mobility goals, or recovery initiatives. Our goal is to help people from across Highland Park engage with life to the fullest, which is why our program gets to the root of your pain or goal, giving you continuous sports rehabilitation and recovery work to solve it. The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to injury is only committing halfway. Consistency is everything.

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Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)

Sports Rehabilitation near Highland Park

DNS is an approach that views every (purposeful) movement in life as something that's reinforced by coordinated activity of segmental postural ability. Many of the concepts are derived from the scientific principles of Developmental Kinesiology, with the overall goal being to help people achieve optimal muscle coordination through intentional exercising in 'developmental positions'.

Most of the time, if we ever stop to wonder or think about the development or strengthening of our muscles within our extremities, we tend to jump straight to what the origin of use or purpose of that muscle is and how we can contract it. Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization takes on a much more functional approach to this. It incorporates other supporting segments and joints into positions that are functionally aligned - therefore, if one muscle is weak or dysfunctional, the overall quality of the movement is compromised and entire stabilizing function is disturbed.

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Traci Heller Physical Therapy Group

Sports Rehabilitation near Highland Park

The Traci Heller Physical Therapy Group offers comprehensive physical therapy treatment, specializing in sports rehabilitation for both adults and children.

THPTG is a boutique physical therapy clinic with an emphasis on sports rehabilitation. Our philosophy of providing the best care means that we treat the whole patient, and patients receive one on one interaction with the Physical Therapist every session.

Elite Wellness Center

Sports Rehabilitation near Highland Park

The nation’s most advanced sports wellness center that will help you move, live and feel better.

Elite Wellness was designed with one vision in mind: To provide you with the most extensive list of natural wellness, therapy and recovery services under one roof. Elite offers the best non-invasive technology and techniques to help you move, live and feel better. This facility was designed to meet your every need and will help reach your optimal goals faster than any other center in the world.

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Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)

Sports Rehabilitation near Highland Park

Active Isolated Stretching is a modality of recovery and rehab that utilizes the mentality of "reciprocal inhibition". For every tight muscle, there is one in need of strengthening.

  • "Active": Activating the opposing muscle that may be causing the pain or tightness.
  • "Isolated": Specific positioning to target the muscle of intent.
  • "Stretching": With Propioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), we achieve a deep relaxation of the muscle to gain better range of motion.

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Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)

Sports Rehabilitation near Highland Park

FST is a modality of stretching that is organized around the fascial highways of the human body. With a heavy focus on traction, it is also one of the only modalities to address the joint capsule itself. Up to 42% of your flexibility potential is locked up in your fascia. Set it free with FST!

What to expect in 1-3 sessions:

  • PAIN reduced or eliminated
  • MOBILITY dramatically improved
  • FUNCTION mostly restored
  • STRESS reduced or eliminated

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Sports Rehabilitation near Highland Park

Functional Range Assessment® (FRA) is a measurement based assessment system that provides objective measures of an client/athletes movement capacity for each and every articulation. Then training inputs (FRC) are able to be directed at the individual’s specific deficits.

Sports Rehabilitation near Highland Park

Functional Range Conditioning® (FRC) is a system of training which applies scientific methods to the acquisition and maintenance of:

  • Functional mobility (strength and neurological control)
  • Articular resilience
  • Joint health and longevity

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