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For over 25 years Bystol Performance Center has been providing athletic-based and adult personal training programs, expert coaching, and the latest in sports therapy. Rated the #1 personal training club in the Chicago area, BPC holds a diverse list of clientele ranging from professional athletes to individuals of varied fitness, health, and lifestyle aspirations.

Our team has extensive knowledge in the fields of exercise science, sports medicine and corrective exercise. Guided with a relentless passion for results, BPC will educate, empower, and motivate you to achieve all your fitness goals. Whether you goal is to sculpt the body of your dreams, improve your golf or tennis game, or simply want to adopt a healthier lifestyle, BPC is your answer! If you are an athlete and looking to improve your speed and strength and become dominant in your sport. BPC is the RIGHT PLACE.

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I am a 55-year-old orthopedic surgeon, handball player and sports junkie. About 6 years ago I started developing minor back issues probably from all the years of performing surgery in an upright position. I tried varying my workouts to help strengthen my back but that did not seem to work. I then tried various yoga, and Pilates instructors and other personal trainers but that did not help either. A patient of mine told me about Bystol Performance Center so I met with the owner Mike Bystol. He did a series of thorough physical evaluation tests on me to determine a client-specific workout program and to assign me to the appropriate trainer. I informed Mike that I wanted the best, as I had already been through a litany of other trainers, instructors etc. He assured me he BPC has simply changed my life in the sense that I am much stronger and physically fit. My back issues have virtually disappeared as BPC has addressed them with a scientific approach. I cannot say enough good things about BPC. If you want a demanding, effective trainer who gets you the results you are looking for then BPC is your place. They are simply the best!

Personal Training near Highland Park

Steven D. Levin, MD. Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine

I have known Mike Bystol for over 10 years and have had the fortunate opportunity to train with him in both of his locations. Mike has remained true to his values and beliefs regarding full body training and performance throughout my time with him. I have trained with others during a brief move, and came back to Mike knowing exactly what I would be getting. From his thorough physical assessment of me to his individual attention to my specific needs, I have aged much more efficiently and gracefully. As a 50 year old woman, training with Mike has kept me in a physically safe regimen, has pushed me to achieve my goals and has shared his knowledge of nutrition, sleep, exercise and supplementation. Mike continuously stays in the know of exercise and nutrition by attending seminars and programs that he brings back to his gym to share with his personal trainers and clients. Mike’s experience with professional athletes, high school and college athletes and regular folks like me, make him unique in regards to how he personalizes every client’s needs and goals. He is a 5-star trainer and I receive 5-star service. I would recommend Mike Bystol to anyone interested in continuing or starting down a journey of physical exercise and overall wellness.

Personal Training near Highland Park

Jill Motew – Functional medicine Health Coach

I could not imagine a better place to have started my journey to the NFL. Mike Bystol and the rest of the staff at BPC literally changed my life. When I started in early December 2012 I was very limited in what I could do physically due to an injury I suffered my Junior year in college. Mike showed me exactly what it took to look like and train like a professional athlete thanks to his extensive experience with countless other professionals. I vowed to take it day by day and that is exactly what mike advised. He eliminated unnecessary motion and slowly corrected my technique in nearly every lift in my workouts. By the time I had completed my training I was in the best shape of my life and could only marvel at what I had accomplished in just three months working with Mike and his staff. Thanks to Mike I was able to compete at the 2013 Senior Bowl, the 2013 NFL Combine and was ultimately drafted 86th overall by the Indianapolis Colts in the 2013 NFL Draft. The level of professionalism at the center is incredible and I was still able to enjoy each day I spent training. I would have to say that working with Mike and his staff is truly an honor and I plan to utilize his abundant knowledge of the human body to further my career in the NFL. I’m definitely looking forward to the next time I get to train with Mike Bystol.

Personal Training near Highland Park

Hugh Thornton – University of Illinois, 2013 Senior Bowl, Indianapolis Colts

Thank you so much for all of the help that you have given to me throughout the years. I can still remember the first time walking into BPC as a freshman in high school as I was searching for some edge that could help me make a difference at the AAA level. Well thanks to you guys and the rest of the BPC staff, I was able to accomplish that and much more by winning a NCAA National Championship with Yale. I would have never been able to experience this if it wasn’t for you guys and for that I am thoroughly grateful. You guys made my dream become a reality. Thanks so much.

Personal Training near Highland Park

Josh Balch – Yale University, NCCA National Champion, Hockey

BPC has transformed my flexibility, strength and speed that has allowed me to have a breakout year in football. In the past I did group training but at BPC they specifically designed a program to correct my imbalances, reduce injury and increase performance. It has been a game changer for me and I recommend BPC to every athlete looking to dramatically improve his or her performance.

Personal Training near Highland Park

Jeremy Allen – Highland Park Varsity Football

I began training at BPC two years ago and have become bigger, faster, and stronger which has dramatically increased my performance on the ice. While playing Junior A Hockey in the British Columbia Hockey League, I noticed how much my summer training was helping me throughout the year. I was able to earn myself a scholarship to the University of Wisconsin. The atmosphere created by the BPC staff helps athletes like myself feel the need to work hard and push my limits every time I'm there. The new facility is top notch and has all the essentials for athletes looking to become successful.

Personal Training near Highland Park

Matt Ustaski - D1 Univ. of Wisconsin, BCHL Langley Rivermen Junior A Hockey

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